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command line interface for Fio (clio) is a tool which allows for some commands to be ran from command line.

Download clio

You can download it in a standalone FIO Ready package on Github

Manage wallet

Create a wallet

clio wallet create -n PICK_WALLET_NAME --to-console

Import private key into wallet

clio wallet import --private-key YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY -n PICK_WALLET_NAME


Propose 1 FIO transfer msig

clio -u https://API_NODE_URL multisig propose NAME_YOUR_MSIG '[{"actor": "ACCOUNT_OF_FIRST_SIGNER", "permission": "active"},{"actor": "ACCOUNT_OF_SECOND_SIGNER", "permission": "active"}]' '[{"actor": "ACCOUNT_OF_MSIG", "permission": "active"}]' fio.token trnsfiopubky '{"payee_public_key":"PUBLIC_KEY_WHERE_FUNDS_ARE_SENT", "amount":1000000000, "max_fee":2000000000, "actor":"ACCOUNT_OF_MSIG", "tpid":""}' 1000000000 -p ACCOUNT_OF_MSIG@active

Approve msig

clio -u https://API_NODE_URL multisig approve ACCOUNT_OF_MSIG_PROPOSER NAME_YOUR_MSIG '{"actor": "ACCOUNT_OF_SIGNER", "permission": "active"}' 400000000 -p ACCOUNT_OF_SIGNER@active

Execute msig

clio -u https://API_NODE_URL multisig exec ACCOUNT_OF_MSIG_PROPOSER NAME_YOUR_MSIG 400000000 -p ACCOUNT_OF_SIGNER@active

Vote using clio

See Voting for block producers using clio

Push action

Using clio you can push any action to the blockchain as follows

clio -u https://API_NODE_URL push action CONTRACT ACTION DATA -p ACCOUNT_OF_SIGNER@active


  "fio_domain": "alice",
  "owner_fio_public_key": "FIO8PRe4WRZJj5mkem6qVGKyvNFgPsNnjNN6kPhh6EaCpzCVin5Jj",
  "max_fee": 2000000000,
  "tpid": "rewards@wallet",
  "actor": "aftyershcu22"

Setting domain public

clio -u https://API_NODE_URL push action fio.address setdomainpub '{"fio_domain": "YOUR_DOMAIN", "is_public": 1, "max_fee": 2000000000, "tpid": "", "actor": "ACCOUNT_OF_DOMAIN_OWNER"