Monitor is available at https://monitor.testnet.fioprotocol.io/

Block Explorer

Block Explorer is available at https://explorer.testnet.fioprotocol.io/

Joining Testnet

FIO is currently registering new Block Producers to participate in our internal Testnet. Block Producers will need to sign up directly with Dapix to participate. At this stage FIO Testnet is in Alpha so is subject to frequent change. We are targeting several upgrades to the chain over the next several weeks which will require a reset of chain data. In addition, we are working with CryptoLions to refine our genesis boot scripts. Subsequently, we would like to onboard Testnet block producers who are willing to give feedback on the BP onboarding process and the FIO blockchain.

This is a Testnet. As such, the blockchain is subject to periodic updates and downtime. In addition, the data stored in the blockchain is also subject to deletion if the blockchain is restarted. As such, development teams undertaking integration should expect data added to the blockchain (e.g. registered domains and addresses) may only be available on a temporary basis.