Using the Typescript SDK

The FIO Typescript SDK is an opensource SDK used to interact with FIO blockchain using the FIO API.

Getting Started with the SDK

Getting started with the SDK is easy. To start, FIO must be imported and initialized. Importing using commonJS syntax is supported by Node.js out of the box:

    const { FIOSDK } = require('@fioprotocol/fiosdk');
    const { fetch } = require('node-fetch');

The Typescript SDK uses a singleton model requiring initialization in the constructor as these parameters are referenced in subsequent SDK Calls.

    const fetchJson = async (uri, opts = {}) => {
        return fetch(uri, opts)
    const privateKey = 'your_private_key';
    const publicKey = 'your_public_key';
    const baseUrl = '';
    fioSdk = new FIOSDK(
  • privateKey/publicKey - The wallet user’s private/public keys
  • baseURL - The base URL to a FIO Protocol blockchain API node
  • fetchjson - A reference to fetchJson, used for http post/get calls

Once initialized, the fioSdk object can be used to send transactions to the FIO blockchain. Refer to the [Typescript SDK Github] for more usage details and the fiosdk_typescript-examples repo for examples.

Typescript SDK Examples Repository

The fiosdk_typescript-examples repository has a number of code samples that are useful for integration testing. Refer to the Readme for setup and run instructions.