While the FIO Typescript SDK is the principle SDK supported by FIO Protocol, there are several other opensource SDKs that have been developed by the FIO community. Before using these SDKs, integrators should ensure that the functionality they require is supported in the SDK. If an integrator has special requirements for their platform that are not met by the the Typescript SDK and other existing libraries, it is possible to request that the Protocol invest in the development of a new SDK or the enhancement of an existing opensource SDK. Decisions to invest in additional libraries will be made by the FIO Protocol Steering Committee and will depending on budget and resource availability.

The following is a list of existing opensource FIO libraries. If you know of additional libraries please submit an edit to this page!

Kotlin SDK - Information and documentation can be found on the Kotlin SDK repo.

Swift SDK - Information and documentation can be found on the Swift iOS SDK repo.

Go SDK - The Go SDK is developed and supported by Blockpane. Information and examples can be found on the Go SDK repo.