APIs, SDKs and Libraries

This section provides an overview of the FIO API, SDKs, and other libraries. Wallets and exchanges have different goals and development paterns. The goal of FIO is to provide different paths to integrate FIO. For some wallets embedding the FIO SDK may be the simplest approach while others may be more wary of third party software and only want to integrate specific libraries.

A majority of FIO integration partners use the javascript (typescript) SDK and the fiojs libraries. There are a large numbers of javascript examples and a rich documentation supporting javascript. While the Go, Kotlin, and Swift SDKs are fully supported, the examples is not as extensive and it may be helpful to refer to the javascript examples during integration.

This section contains the following content:

Content Summary
Using the API Overview of the FIO API and the different testnet and mainnet environments.
Typescript SDK Getting started with the Typescript SDK.
Other SDKs Links to other opensource FIO SDKs and libraries.