WFIO ERC20 Token Support

This page provides information for integration partners looking to list the WFIO token.


FIO Chain’s native token is FIO. FIO is the only token present on the FIO Chain.

There are 1,000,000,000 Smallest Units of FIO (SUFs) inside 1 FIO. All transactions in FIO and WFIO are expressed in SUFs.

Token holders wanting to use their FIO tokens in the Ethereum Defi ecosystem may wrap their tokens using the FIO Dashboard or directly through the wraptokens action. Wrapped tokens can be used to provide liquidity in decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap.

FIO Token wrapping is enabled by a multisig oracle application run in a decentralized environment on FIO Block Producer (validator) nodes. The FIO token wrapping contract is a modified ERC-20 opensource contract.

Protocol Source Code Mainnet Contract
WFIO on Ethereum 0xbEA269038Eb75BdAB47a9C04D0F5c572d94b93D5

Transferring WFIO

WFIO tokens on the Ethereum chain are transferred using the transferFrom action. The action requires an Ethereum Address for the payer (the person sending the funds), the payee (the person receiving the funds), and an amount, in SUFs.

Checking token balance

Token balance can be obtained by passing a user’s Ethereum address to balanceOf contract method.

Retrieving account balances and transaction history

WFIO token transaction history will conform to other ERC20 tokens supported in your wallet or exchange. Centralized Ethereum API services such as Infura and Alchemy enable the retrieval of transaction history for a smart contract or a user.