Integrate using the FIO Dashboard

The FIO Dashboard provides a quick and easy integration for platforms who want to provide FIO capabilities to their users. Integrating with the FIO dashboard allows platforms to present their branding and a contained flow, providing the user with a clear path to perform a specific action (as opposed to the normal dashboard user experience where all the dashboard functionality is available to the user).

For example, platforms can provide the ability to sign NFTs using the FIO dashboard. Check out Blockchain Wayne’s video showing the integration flow: (Other features are also planned.)

Step One: Set Up your Landing Page

Work with your FIO BizDev Account Representative to create your platform’s branded landing page. You will be asked to provide the following:

  • List of domains you want users to register their FCH
  • Logo
  • Welcome text
  • TPID - so that you can receive portion of all fees paid (see more info on TPID)
  • Back link to your site

Step Two: Create your User Experience in your Platform

This step looks different for every partner. Basically, you need to provide a user interface to allow your users to select the action they want to perform. Then, your platform will capture the relevant parameters for the action and build a URL to pass those parameters to the FIO Dashboard.

  • At a minimum, you can link your users to the Dashboard using url/ref/{refcode_provided}
  • Reference an example landing page below:


Contained Flow

If you want your user to perform a specific action (e.g. register for a FIO Crypto Handle or sign an NFT) and then be redirected back to your site, you can pass additional url parameters:

Feature Required Parameters
Sign NFTs action - Action parameters (e.g., SIGNNFT for NFT Signatures)
chain_code - Chain code
contract_address - Contract address
token_id - Token id
url - Token url
hash - Token hash
metadata - Token metadata containing creator_url. Format is: {“creator_url”: “https://…”}
r - redirect url (the URL to return the user to the originating site)

Dashboard User Experience

Your user can expect this experience while on your FIO Dashboard landing page:

  • The user will be contained to a landing page
  • The user will be required to log-in or create account
  • The user will be required to pick existing FIO Crypto Handle to sign with or register a new one
  • Domains to show will be linked to partner_id
  • Upon picking/registering their FIO Crypto Handle, the user will be redirected to confirm the action with all relevant information pre-populated and not changeable
  • Upon performing the action, and if redirect_url has been provided, the user will be redirected back to the original site
  • The referring site can then query the API using /get_nfts_hash to get the FIO Crypto Handle of the signer

Example Use Case

Sample URL that an NFT site would use to send a user to the dashboard:

This is an example URL that you would build. Note that your specifics will differ based on the selected feature and the user’s input.{“creator_url”:””}&r=

Your interface will build the URL, which then will take your user to your platform’s landing page on the FIO Dashboard. Your user can then create their FIO Crypto Handle and sign their NFT.