Wallet Integration Guide

This section provides a guide for integrating FIO Protocol features into a your wallet. While each wallet user experience is unique, there are certain FIO usability patterns that you are encouraged to follow. In addition, you may elect to integrate different features depending on what experience you want to give your users. The integration guide provides an overview of the different features and provides examples of the different integration paths taken by our wallet partners.

This section contains the following content:

Content Summary
Benefits & Bounties Describes the financial benefits of participating in the FIO ecosystem and reviews co-marketing campaigns that can help increase your user base.
Integration Guide A step-by-step walkthrough of the integration process.
Sample UX & Demos Links to FIO-enabled wallet user guides and demos.
FIO Token Support Important information explaining how to support the FIO token in your wallet.
Integration QA Checklist A certification checklist of the items that should be tested to confirm support for different FIO features.