Send to FIO Crypto Handle: What is it?

The most basic level of integration with FIO Protocol is to enable sending of crypto currency using human-readable FIO Crypto Handle (aka FIO Address) instead of long cryptic native blockchain public addresses (NBPAs).

This level typically requires updates to the Send crypto currency screen to allow for a FIO Crypto Handle to be entered in addition to NBPA. FIO Crypto Handle can be easily identified by looking for a @ (at sign) in the string.

Once a FIO Crypto Handle is entered, it can be resolved to NBPA on a specific blockchain by passing the FIO Crypto Handle and a chain and a token code into the /get_pub_address API method. docs/fio-protocol/fio-address

Once the NBPA is obtained, the wallet Send transaction should execute as if the user entered or scanned the NBPA.

How do I do it?

Withdraw Cryptocurrency Using a FIO Crypto Handle via FIO Send

To enable withdrawals using a FIO Crypto Handle, the platform would would first ask for the FIO Crypto Handle of the user receiving the funds. Next, the corresponding public address for that chain is looked-up using /get_pub_address and the transfer is executed by the platform on the native chain.

Multi-level addressing

It is important to note, that the native blockchain public addresses returned by /get_pub_address can have additional parameters appended to it like this:


For example: rGVV5nh9UjJckufycb6WZAGUsZGFvPsTpX?

The parameters represent additional information required to execute a send, for example a destination tag for XRP. Therefore the string has to be parsed for uri-like parameters.

Please review Multi-level Addressing section of the Integration Guide for more details.

UX/UI Considerations

FIO Send should be accessible from each cryptocurrency wallet page. So, for example, if I want to send BTC, I should be able to go to the BTC wallet and do a FIO send.

Example: Image

In the address field, users should be able to input both crypto address and FIO Crypto Handle, with some indication that both of these would work in the field.

Example: Image

The confirmation page should showcase both crypto address and FIO Crypto Handle.

Quality Assurance Checklist

The following lists the items that should be tested to confirm support for FIO Send:

  • User is able to send crypto using a FIO Crypto Handle ([email protected]) for the destination address
  • User is able to attach a FIO Memo when both the sending and receving user have FIO Crypto Handles (optional)
  • User selects an invalid FIO Crypto Handle, results in error
  • User selects valid FIO Crypto Handle, but the Chain or Token Code has not been mapped for that FIO Crypto Handle, results in error
  • Additional parameters returned from a FIO Crypto Handle mapped to a multi-level address are handled as expected