Integration Overview

It is up to the integrating wallet to decide which features of the FIO Protocol they want to implement and how. The following are common functionality groups.

Functionality groups Dev description User benefit Dev effort
Send to FIO Address Simple rest API (send FIO Address and token code, get public address). User can send crypto to other FIO Addresses. ~16 hours
Register FIO Address Link-off to external registration site for FIO Address registration and renewal. User can register FIO Address on external wallet-branded site and participate in FIO Address Giveaways. ~8 hours
FIO Token Support Sending/receiving of FIO tokens and transaction history via dedicated APIs. User can receive, hold, send FIO tokens and see history of FIO token transactions. ~32 hours
Receive to FIO Address Assigning public addresses to FIO Address (automatic with no UI or selected by user) via dedicated APIs. User can receive crypto sent to their FIO Address. ~40 hours
FIO Request View, approve, reject incoming FIO Requests (including showing attached FIO Data and send FIO Data on Send in response to request) and send FIO Requests to other FIO users. User can accept FIO Requests and respond to them and initiate FIO Requests to other users and participate in contest whereby users can win prizes funded by the Foundation for sending FIO Requests to a specified FIO Address via dedicated APIs. ~80 hours
FIO Data Send and display FIO Data when crypto sent using FIO Address. Cross-chain, cross-wallet memo capability for any crypto. ~24 hours
FIO Domain Registration Registering FIO Domain (in wallet or via Link-off to external registration site). User can register a custom FIO Domain. ~8 hours
Register FIO Address on Custom Domain Registering FIO Address inside wallet and on custom domains. Users can register a FIO Address on a custom FIO Domain and utilize it fro Sending and Receiving. ~32 hours