Send to FIO Crypto Handle

The most basic level of integration with FIO Protocol is to enable sending of crypto currency using human-readable FIO Crypto Handle (aka FIO Address) instead of long cryptic native blockchain public addresses (NBPAs).

This level typically requires updates to the Send crypto currency screen to allow for a FIO Crypto Handle to be entered in addition to NBPA. FIO Crypto Handle can be easily identified by looking for a @ (at sign) in the string.

Once a FIO Crypto Handle is entered, it can be resolved to NBPA on a specific blockchain by passing the FIO Crypto Handle and a chain and a token code into the /get_pub_address API method. docs/fio-protocol/fio-address

Once the NBPA is obtained, the wallet Send transaction should execute as if the user entered or scanned the NBPA.

Multi-level addressing

It is important to note, that the native blockchain public addresses returned by /get_pub_address can have additional parameters appended to it like this:


For example: rGVV5nh9UjJckufycb6WZAGUsZGFvPsTpX?

The parameters represent additional information required to execute a send, for example a destination tag for XRP. Therefore the string has to be parsed for uri-like parameters.

Please review Multi-level Addressing section of the Integration Guide for more details.