FIO Fees and Bundled Transactions

All blockchain altering transactions are subject to a fee though some transactions may be eligible to be covered by bundled transactions, which come with every FIO Crypto Handle (aka FIO Address).

Fee Setting

The FIO Protocol is designed such that fees charged to participants within the ecosystem are based on market forces and benchmarked against costs of running block producing infrastructure. It is therefore likely that the amount of FIO Tokens required for different fees will change based on the market value of the FIO Token and cost of running a node such that the human perceived cost of a FIO Crypto Handle or transaction of the FIO Chain will likely remain more constant even though the human perceived value of the FIO token likely will change over time.

To accommodate this, fee amounts are set based on bids from block producers in the following way:

  • Each of the 21 scheduled BPs submits their desired fee amount of FIO Tokens for each blockchain interaction and amount of bundled transactions to be included with every FIO Crypto Handle.
  • Amounts submitted by active block producers are analyzed, and the fee is set at median of all submitted amounts.

Bundling and Fees

Registering a FIO Crypto Handles has a fee that is set by block producers based on the economic needs of the FIO Chain.

The fee includes a bundle of included transactions, which eliminates the need for a user to pay a per-transaction fee for use of the FIO Protocol.

FIO Domains include a separate yearly fee, also dictated by block producers.

  FIO Crypto Handle FIO Domains
  Example Cost 40 FIO Tokens 800 FIO Tokens
  Bundled transactions 100/year N/A

Bundled Transactions

While most types of transaction are included with bundled transactions, there are a few notable exceptions:

  • Registering/Renewing a FIO Domain are not included.
  • The actual transfer of FIO Tokens themselves (such as to an exchange to be traded) are not included.
  • Governance-related registrations (registering as a proxy or block producer), though the actual voting for a block producer or proxy is included.
  • Advanced transactions (such as msig or account authorizations) are not included.

If a user ever exceeds the number of included bundled transactions, the user will be given the choice to reload their bundled transactions or to pay for each transaction.

Due to the amount of storage required, two types of transactions will use up two bundled transactions instead of one:

  • New FIO Request
  • Recording FIO Data

Lastly, top 21 block producers are exempt from paying certain transaction fees, including:

  • Multisig propose

Fee Types

Transaction Action API Endpoint Bundled tx used
Transfer FIO tokens trnsfiopubky /transfer_tokens_pub_key Not eligible
Transfer locked FIO tokens trnsloctoks /transfer_locked_tokens Not eligible
Map blockchain public address addaddress /add_pub_address 1
Remove mapped address remaddress /remove_pub_address 1
Remove all mapped addresses remalladdr /remove_all_pub_addresses 1
Request funds newfundsreq /new_funds_request 2
Cancel funds request cancelfndreq /cancel_funds_request 1
Reject funds request rejectfndreq /reject_funds_request 1
Record other blockchain transaction metadata recordobt /record_obt_data 2
Register Address regaddress register_fio_address Not eligible
Renew Address (deprecated) renewaddress /renew_fio_address Not eligible
Buy bundled transactions addbundles /add_bundled_transactions Not eligible
Transfer Address xferaddress /transfer_fio_address Not eligible
Burn Address burnaddress /burn_fio_address 1
Register Domain regdomain /register_fio_domain Not eligible
Renew Domain renewdomain /renew_fio_domain Not eligible
Make Domain public setdomainpub /set_fio_domain_public Not eligible
Transfer Domain xferdomain /transfer_fio_domain Not eligible
Map NFT Signature to a FIO Crypto Handle addnft /add_nft 2
Remove NFT Signature from FIO Crypto Handle remnft /remove_nft 1
Remove ALL NFT Signatures from FIO Crypto Handle remallnfts /remove_all_nfts 1
Stake FIO Tokens stakefio /stake_fio_tokens 1
Unstake FIO Tokens unstakefio /unstake_fio_tokens 1
Wrap FIO Tokens wraptokens /wrap_fio_tokens Not eligible
Wrap FIO Domain wrapdomain /wrap_fio_domains Not eligible
Vote on block producers voteproducer /vote_producer 1
Proxy votes to registered proxy voteproxy /proxy_vote 1
Register as a proxy regproxy /register_proxy Not eligible
Unregister as a proxy unregproxy /unregister_proxy Not eligible
Register as block producer regproducer /register_producer Not eligible
Unregister as block producer unregprod /unregister_producer Not eligible
Set fee ratios* setfeevote /submit_fee_ratios Not eligible
Set fee multiplier* setfeemult /submit_fee_multiplier Not eligible
Compute fees computefees /compute_fees Not eligible
Set bundled transaction count* bundlevote /submit_bundled_transaction Not eligible
Pay rewards to TPIDs tpidclaim /pay_tpid_rewards Not eligible
Claim BP rewards* bpclaim /claim_bp_rewards Not eligible
Burn expired FIO Crypto Handles and Domains burnexpired /burn_expired Not eligible
msig_propose propose   Not eligible, charged per 1,000 bytes
msig_approve approve   Not eligible
msig_unapprove unapprove   Not eligible
msig_cancel cancel   Not eligible
msig_exec exec   Not eligible
msig_invalidate invalidate   Not eligible
auth_delete deleteauth   Not eligible
auth_link linkauth   Not eligible
auth_unlink unlinkauth   Not eligible
auth_update updateauth   Not eligible, charged per 1,000 bytes

*Restricted call

Current fees


Fee Distribution

Share Recipient
60% Block Producers
25% Staking reward pool
10% Entity facilitating transaction (TPID) or, if not provided, block producers
5% Foundation

Block producer shares are distributed as follows:

Share Recipient
60% Distributed among top 42 BPs, based on share of votes
40% 21 active BPs scheduled when fees are distributed, divided equally

Although most fees are distributed within the same day, the block producer share of FIO Domain and FIO Crypto Handle registration/renewal fees are paid out over 365 days to properly incentivize block producers which will be processing bundled transactions over the full validity period.

New User Bounties

New user bounties are paid to the entity facilitating new FIO Crypto Handles or FIO Domain registration. This bounty is paid automatically and in addition to normal fee distribution and is available to any entity that integrates the FIO Protocol and creates new user engagement. The new user bounties are currently set to 40% of the new registration fee collected by the facilitating entity (meaning total payout will be 10% standard + 40% bounty = 50%) and will be paid until New User Bounty pool is exhausted.



Third Party Payment of FIO Blockchain Fees

Registration fees for FIO Crypto Handles and FIO Domains must be paid with FIO Tokens, but the smart contract involved does not care about the originator of those tokens. This enables users and services to pay in part, or entirely, on the behalf of others.

This also enables users to pay for a FIO Crypto Handle or FIO Domains through a crypto payment processor or instant exchange, which can convert a variety of different cryptocurrencies into a necessary FIO Tokens needed for renewal (and potentially even fiat).

The Foundation itself runs a portal which enables the ability for FIO Crypto Handles and FIO Domains to be paid with a variety of cryptocurrencies. The software for this portal is open source and any third party may establish their own registration sites.

It is important to note that such third party registration sites never have access to the registrants’ FIO Private Key. Rather, they receive the FIO Public key from the user and pay for registration of the FIO Crypto Handle or Domain they desire on chain and assign it to their FIO Public Key.