Benefits & Incentives for Exchanges

How Can Exchanges Use and Benefit from the FIO Protocol?

  • Enhanced User Experience & Decreased Support Costs
  • Ability to generate income from FIO integration
  • User Benefits and New User Growth Through FIO Marketing Programs
  • Token Listing
  • Block Production
  • Integraiton Grants

To apply for an Integration Grant and obtain more information use this brief form.

Enhanced User Experience & Decreased Support Costs

How much time and money does your exchange spend with users on crypto deposit/withdrawal errors and support? Integrating the FIO Protocol gives your users friendly interwallet operability, making deposits, withdrawals and requests as easy as Venmo and near error-free dramatically reducing support tickets

Income Generation

The sky’s the limit. Exchanges that complete integration and an ability to deposit/withdrawal/request using FIO Crypto Handles (aka FIO Addresses) currently earn approximately $1 in FIO Tokens for each new FIO Crypto Handle registered from within the exchange. This includes for those given away for free through the FIO Crypto Handle Giveaway described in the marketing section below.

Number of New FIO Crypto Handles Registered Approximate Profit Your Exchange Earns
25,000 $25,000
100,000 $100,000
250,000 $250,000
1,000,000 $1,000,000

Marketing with FIO

The FIO Protocol has extensive following on social media. Your exchange will have the opportunity to leverage the marketing, public relations and communications support from the Foundation to conduct a powerful joint marketing campaign and promote your new integration partnership with FIO. To make the launch of your new FIO integration capabilities and listing a success, the Foundation will provide a mutually agreed upon FIO Token budget.

In addition, the Foundation will enable your exchange to give away up to a mutually agreed upon specified maximum number of free FIO Crypto Handles Addresses on your exchange’s unique FIO Domain for its users. A FIO Crypto Handle looks like and consists of the following parts: “[email protected]” were @domain will be your exchange’s proprietary NFT FIO Domain

Token Listing

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) will facilitate listing of the FIO Token on reputable exchanges. The Foundation generally will not pay listing fees, however, there are a number of additional economic benefits to your exchange, such as immediate cost savings on deposit/withdrawal customer support, generous user bounty upside, increased marketing, and demand-driving activity and possible PR.

FIO Staking integration reward

FIO Staking offers a new incentive to exchanges which lets them earn 11% of the staking reward paid out to their users. Check out FIO Staking Developer Guide for more details.

Block Production

As a Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain, the FIO Protocol enables your exchange to participate in the economics and governance of block production either individually or by teaming up with other companies. Centralized exchanges will obtain FIO Tokens through the various elements described on this page and may also choose to vote with the tokens held on their exchange.

FIO Integration Grant

Integration grants are available to exchanges that meet Foundation established minimum criteria. Grants range from $10,000 value to $500,000 value depending on the user base of the exchange and in the sole discretion of the Foundation for Interwallet Operability. In addition, the Foundation will sponsor a certain number of free FIO Crypto Handles for your users and you’ll receive approximately $1 in token income directly from the blockchain for each.

To apply for an Integration Grant and obtain more information use this brief form.

This is Your Protocol!

The FIO Protocol was structured specifically to enable companies that provide user-facing crypto solutions, like exchanges and wallets, to economically benefit from the protocol and have the opportunity to be involved in the governance of the protocol via their FIO Token vote. In addition, exchanges have the ability to get even more involved in FIO Protocol’s future by participating in various activities coordinated by the Foundation via an emerging decentralized autonomous consortia model or even serving on the Foundation’s Board of Directors.