Withdraw Crypto using FIO Addresses & FIO Requests

FIO Addresses are human-readable wallet identifiers (such as [email protected] or [email protected]) which eliminate the need to see, or even know of, blockchain public addresses. Enabling withdrawals using FIO Addresses gives exchange users friendly interwallet operability, making withdrawals easy and near error-free, dramatically reducing support tickets.

As a first step, Exchanges should register a custom FIO Domain (e.g., @myexchange). Exchange users will then be able to register FIO Addresses on that custom domain (e.g., [email protected]).

Using a FIO Address

To enable withdrawals using a FIO Address, an exchange would would first ask for the FIO Address of the user receiving the funds. Next, the corresponding public address for that chain is looked-up using /get_pub_address and the transfer is executed by the Exchange on the native chain.

Using a FIO Request

If users of the exchange were assigned unique FIO Addresses or if users provided the exchange, ahead of time, with a list of FIO Addresses which the user owns, they could also send a FIO Request from their wallet to the exchange’s FIO Address (either generic, e.g. [email protected], or unique, e.g. [email protected]).

The user would then login to the exchange and approve the FIO Request. Once approved, the exchange would execute the transfer on the native chain.