Adding new contracts to a local development environment

This page identifies the files that should be modified in order to properly add a new smart contract into the FIO protocol.

There are two steps to add a new system contract. The first step is to add your system contract information to fio.contracts. The next step is to make various chain calls to ensure that the new contract functions properly in the local development, testnet, or mainnet environment. This page focuses on the changes needed to properly add your contract into a local development environment.

Update fio.contracts

Add account name and contract name to system contracts

The first step is to add the new account name and contract name to fio.common.hpp:

static const name YourContractNameContract =   name(“YourContractAccountname”);

static const name YourContractNameACCOUNT =   name(“YourContractContractname”);

The following is an example of adding a new system contract for staking contract:

static const name StakingContract =   name("fio.staking");

static const name STAKINGACCOUNT =   name("fio.staking”);

Update system contracts authorization checks

Next, add the new account name to the system contracts authorization checks. Edit the native.hpp file and add the account name to the list of FIO system accounts within the updateauth action. For example:

if(!(account == fioio::MSIGACCOUNT ||

     account == fioio::WRAPACCOUNT ||

     account == fioio::SYSTEMACCOUNT ||

     account == fioio::ASSERTACCOUNT ||

     account == fioio::REQOBTACCOUNT ||

     account == fioio::FeeContract ||

     account == fioio::AddressContract ||

     account == fioio::TPIDContract ||

     account == fioio::TokenContract ||

     account == fioio::TREASURYACCOUNT ||

     account == fioio::FIOSYSTEMACCOUNT ||

     account == fioio::STAKINGACCOUNT ||

     account == fioio::FIOACCOUNT )


Update fio.devtools

The following outlines the updates to fio.devtools needed to bootstrap the new contract in a local development environment.

Create the contract account

Modify the file to create the new system account:

./clio -u http://localhost:8879 create account eosio fio.staking FIO7isxEua78KPVbGzKemH4nj2bWE52gqj8Hkac3tc7jKNvpfWzYS FIO7isxEua78KPVbGzKemH4nj2bWE52gqj8Hkac3tc7jKNvpfWzYS

Load the new contract

Modify the to load the new contract:

./clio -u http://localhost:8879 set contract fio.staking $fio_staking_name_path fio.staking.wasm fio.staking.abi

Whitelist the new contract’s actions

Modify the to add your new contract’s actions:

./clio -u http://$host push action eosio addaction '{"action":"stakefio","contract":"fio.staking","actor":"eosio"}' --permission eosio

./clio -u http://$host push action eosio addaction '{"action":"unstakefio","contract":"fio.staking","actor":"eosio"}' --permission eosio

Build the contracts and run a local test node

Rebuild the FIO blockchain with scripts/, and install with

Run fio.devtools option 3 to clear existing configuring, option 2 to build the contract changes, and then finally option 1 to initialize the new chain with the changes supporting the new contract.