Overview of FIO Contracts Development

The FIO protocol is a smart contract platform that relies on a set of well-defined smart contracts that implement the various functions of the FIO protocol. Maintaining and extending these contracts is the job of smart contract blockchain developers who serve the protocol by completing efforts defined in worker proposals approved by the FIO steering committee.

When new contracts are made by developers, it is important to understand the process of adding a new contract into the set of system contracts that make up the FIO protocol. It is also useful to understand the guidelines and working instructions that help a developer to document any new contracts, or existing contract modifications they might be making.

Content Summary
Guidelines for Documenting Changes Describes documentation deliverables required of developers for any changes and additions to smart contracts.
Creating New Contracts Provides documentation for the process of creating new contracts.
Deploying Changes to Contracts Provides documentation for the process of deploying changes to contracts, including guidelines for setting up a dev/test environment and sample commands.