Tech Team Worker Proposal Checklist

Who Should Use This Checklist

For the tech team serving the FIO protocol there is a core engineering team implemented. This team has budget from FIO approved and revised regularly. This team is led and managed by the VP of technology. Tech team members serve at the pleasure of the VP of technology.

Note: Outside of the tech team there are fully decentralized models of servicing the FIO protocol put into practice. Entities may choose to submit worker proposals to complete desired work tasks and these will be reviewed approved based on the findings of the FIO planning committee.

This page aids in the creation/modification of new worker proposals that serve the FIO protocol in the areas of software, systems, contract, front end and other development facing efforts. Contributions to the following areas should use this checklist:

  • Devops
  • Blockchain development
  • Front end development
  • API support
  • Build/deployment support
  • Quality assurance

Identifying Information

  • What is your team called?
  • What do you intend to do for the FIO protocol (executive level description)?
  • What qualifies you to do the work you are proposing (bio, CV, GitHub,etc)? (Use links and references as much as possible.)

  • What are the points of contact within your team regarding FIO? For each contact point please identify:

    • Name(alias)
    • Role
    • Time zone
    • Preferred tools for chat (and IDs)
    • Phone (optional)

Finanical Information

The rate is the cost of delivering this worker proposal including all resources, expenses and costs.

  • Please provide one rate per worker proposal which represents the total cost for the worker proposal.
  • Please ensure that the rate provided covers all of the foreseeable operating costs you will incur in the successful delivery of your worker proposal. That being said, please note if new costs enter your worker proposal, you should communicate them to the VP of engineering, and then you may revise your worker proposal monthly in order to reflect these costs.
  • Please clarify what currencies would you like to receive for each amount you specify in your WP.

Consider adding these example costs into your WP:

  • AWS hosting costs.
  • Any other hosting costs you might incur.
  • Hardware you may need for this project.
  • Software licenses you may need for this project.

If possible, please list these in the Rate section of your WP to provide maximum transparency and clarity to the FIO foundation.

The rate may be hourly or monthly based, or alternatively, the rate may be a flat rate, based on the cost of a specific deliverable your WP is delivering.

Note: If the rate is monthly and the rate includes time off and other work style considerations, time off will be considered as “use it or lose it” (meaning the time will not be compensated financially if it is not taken as specified in the WP).

Working Style Information

  • Describe your working style.

The FIO protocol has the following expectations of technical worker proposal owners.

  • Say what you will do, then Do what you say, and show that you did it.
  • Show your progress frequently so as to keep your community and team mates confident in your engagement.
  • Communicate your progress clearly using written communications.
  • Communicate when you experience issues you cannot resolve.

  • Propose deliverables items.

These items intend to help identify the goals, operating procedures and deliverables of the work proposal.

  • What is the goal/objective/deliverable of this work proposal?
  • How will this worker proposals deliverables be organized?
  • Describe who will do what, and who will be responsible for each deliverable?
  • Describe the content of each deliverable in as much detail as possible.

  • Please Identify how you will communicate:

    • Establish the Frequency of the following communications (how often, and by what means will you give status and report progress)
    • Who are the entities in the FIO community with which you will interact regularly?
    • For coding efforts:
      • when and how will you communicate design details?
      • when and how will you communicate code level details?
      • when and how will you communicate any applicable tests?
    • For other efforts (documentation and/or analysis): when and how will you communicate the deliverables of your effort?
    • Define the content and structure of communications:
      • What will be included in each delivery or each milestone for this work proposal?
      • Wherever possible use publicly accessible tools to communicate up to the minute status and details of daily progress within your team.
      • Meetings are not necessary, but may be desirable when the project will benefit from brainstorming and other dynamic and present styles of collaboration.
  • Identify limitations of availability and bandwidth:

    • Limits of your bandwidth
      • Limits on number of hours per week
      • Limits as to how much of your bandwidth will be dedicated to the FIO protocol (or include a statement of commitment if you are full time full on)
    • Time away/holidays (the goal of this statement is to communicate when you work and when you do not work):
      • What time off/away do you anticipate during this work proposal?
      • What is the frequency of any regularly scheduled time away?
      • List the blocks of time or time you take for personal business on a regular basis that might affect the function of the project.
    • What is the amount of time per week/month that will be put into this effort? OR
    • Annotate your WP clearly to indicate the specific results you will achieve and a timeframe in which they will be achieved.