Overview of Creating a New Worker Proposal

The FIO protocol is a hybrid DAC model of organization. This means there are many different ways that entities seeking to serve FIO may choose to operate.

  • For the tech team serving the FIO protocol there is a core engineering team implemented. This team has budget from FIO approved and revised regularly. This team is lead and managed by the VP of technology. Tech team members serve at the pleasure of the VP of technology.
  • Outside of the tech team there are fully decentralized models of servicing the FIO protocol put into practice. Entities may choose to submit worker proposals to complete desired work tasks and these will be reviewed approved based on the findings of the FIO planning committee.

Within the tech team, entities work as needed with management to complete projects and work tasks:

  • If a worker proposal wishes to serve the tech team, then the worker proposal is submitted to the VP of Technology for the FIO protocol for their review and acceptance.

  • The tech team has responsibility to complete the most urgent and challenging of the FIO projects planned by the planning committee and the FIO community.

  • The tech team has responsibility for release management of the releases of the FIO protocol and many of its associated tools.

The technology group is currently organized by function:

  • Development individuals/teams

  • Devops

  • Security/Secops

  • QA

  • Product management

If a worker proposal wishes to serve other needs of the FIO protocol outside the tech team, then they may submit a worker proposal and this will be prioritized, reviewed, and accepted or not based on the merits of the project with reference to other projects being considered by the FIO planning committee.

Resources for Creating Worker Proposals