Get Paid for your Worker Proposal

Type of Worker Proposal Summary of Process
Delivery-based Worker Proposal If your Worker Proposal has been approved and you have completed the work described in your worker proposal, you will have to submit a Payment Request in order to get paid. If you need to be paid ahead of completing the work, you must obtain approval from the Steering Committee ahead of time.
On-going effort-based Worker Proposal If you have a monthly worker proposal, you will have to submit a Payment Request every month on the first of each month.

Create a Payment Request

  • Find your Active worker proposal
  • Click Create Sub-task (make sure that the subtask shows up as a Payment Request)
  • Provide information about the specific deliverable
    • Summary - provide information about the payment purpose, e.g. November 2021 - ACME Company, Completion of ABC project - ACME Company
    • Proof of deliverables - provide description and/or links to documents that demonstrate that the work has been completed, e.g. links to Github, Jira stories, etc.
    • Payment date - provide a date when payment should be made
    • Requested compensation - provide USD equivalent for the payment amount (You will be paid in the currency you have indicated in your Worker Proposal)
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Click Create to create the Payment Request

Submitting Payment Request

Once you have provided all information:

  • Change the status of the Payment Request to Ready for Review
  • Send FIO Request for the desired token to [email protected]
    • You can use any of the wallets supporting FIO Request
    • If your payment is in a USD-linked stablecoin, submit a request for equivalent amount of that stablecoin, e.g. if you your Worker Proposal pays you 100 USD and you will be paid in USDT, submit a request for 100 USDT, even if the rate of exchange is not precisely 1.00000000
    • If your payment is in FIO or any other non-USD-linked stablecoin, submit a request for the desired token amount using rate of exchange from Coinmarket cap for closing day before your Payment Date.
    • In the memo field enter the issue number of your Payment Request, e.g. WP-739