FIO Community Development Process

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FIO is an open community so you can see and learn any aspect of FIO. Check out the list of approved improvement proposals! FIO Improvement Proposals
FIO uses smart contracts to implement all business logic. Smart contracts are implemented in C++. FIO Smart Contracts
FIO is a fork of the EOSIO chain so you can use any dev docs for EOSIO to help you in learning about FIO.  
FIO has “core code”, the operating system upon which the smart contracts execute (called the FIO Core, and implemented in C++). FIO Core
FIO provides a developer runtime environment (which works on IOS ubuntu). A developer can “run” the blockchain locally for dev and testing. FIO Developer Environment
The FIO protocol has a block producer community that operates and maintains the chain worldwide. FIO Block Producers
The FIO protocol uses worker proposals to scope jobs, and jobs are paid in crypto. FIO Worker Proposals
The FIO Core Tech team uses Jira to track initiatives, epics, and stories). FIO Jira Kanban Board

Sample Project

The FIO Core Tech team uses a wiki to record working documents and other project artifacts. This is a typical project: