FIO Testnet


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Integration testing with FIO Testnet

When running integration tests you will want to register FIO Addresses and transfer funds. But, registering a new address for the first time requires FIO tokens. Therefore, some manual setup is required to acquire a Testnet FIO public key and Testnet FIO tokens.

To set up a FIO public key with FIO tokens in a test environment:

  1. Manually generate a private/public FIO key pair
  2. Register a FIO Address
    • Navigate to the testnet monitor:
    • Select the ‘Register Address’ button
    • Type in a FIO address
    • Paste in the FIO Public Key (created above)
    • Select the ‘Create’ button
    • The created FIO address will be in this format, “[email protected]
  3. Transfer FIO into the FIO account
  4. The FIO account now has a FIO Address and FIO tokens available for making Signed API calls.