Enabling fio-wallet (optional, usually not used on a full node)

Most users won’t need to run the fio-wallet wallet, which can set to run as a system-controlled daemon running under apparmor confinement, or as a dynamically launched daemon for each user when using the clio wallet commands.

To enable fio-wallet daemon at boot time, running under the fio account, and then start the daemon:

sudo systemctl enable fio-wallet
sudo systemctl start fio-wallet

When running under systemctl, the wallet files will be located in /var/lib/fio/eosio-wallet/fio-wallet (the location can be changed in /var/lib/fio/fio-wallet/config.ini, but when starting via systemd apparmor will confine the daemon, possibly causing problems with file permissions.)

Some users might rely on fio-wallet to store a large number of keys. Although this is not recommended, some specific settings might be necessary when launching a node:


When dynamically launched via clio commands the wallet will default to $HOME/fio-wallet

For more information refer to the fio-wallet overview.