Building a node

There are a number of paths to set up a FIO Node. This section walks through several paths for different types of users. We encourage you to ask questions about block production, running an API node, and any other node-related questions in the FIO Mainnet Telegram channel.

This section contains the following content:

Content Summary
Building from source Describes how to compile and build a node from source. Building from source is only recommended for Producers and other advanced developers.
Docker installation This is the fastest method for installing a FIO API node. It leverages Docker to install FIO .deb files.
Manual installation This is the simplest method for installing a FIO API node. This install method does not require Docker and describes how to manually install and sync a FIO API node.
Enabling fio-wallet Important information if you use the fio-wallet (keosd) to manage your user’s keys.
V1 History configuration Configuration information if the light-history (v1 history) feature is needed.
nodeos Replay Instructions on speeding up node setup by replaying from a snapshot, blocks.log, or V1 History archive.
Validating your node Information on validating your node once you have it up and running.
Summary Script Script to perform a manual installation of the FIO blockchain with optional snapshot/history startup.
Install Cleanup Instructions on how to remove a FIO installation and cleanup your node of FIO install artifacts.