FIO Release 3.0 Mandatory Upgrade Checklist

FIO Chain release v3.0 is a mandatory update for all wallets and exchanges running a FIO API Node. This post outlines the steps FIO integration partners must take to upgrade their FIO API node from v2.0.x to v3.0.

Nodes that are not upgraded will return “No request found” for the following API getters:

  • /get_obt_data
  • /get_pending_fio_requests
  • /get_sent_fio_requests
  • /get_cancelled_fio_requests

Upgrade Checklist

Step 1. Review chain release 3.0

FIO wallets and exchanges that have integrated FIO functionality should first review the v3.0 updates. Many new features are available that FIO integration partners may want to take advantage of.

Important upgrade information

Updated API

Some existing API endpoints have been updated to return additional fields. While this should not break existing integrations, it is important to understand the changes and review your integration to confirm that FIO functionality will not be affected.

keosd renamed to fio-wallet

keosd has been renamed to fio-wallet for Release 3.0. If you are using fio-wallet (keosd) to manage keys, refer to Update keosd wallet environment for information on updating your server and scripts to use the new /fio-wallet directory and fio-wallet.sock naming.

Configuration of fio-wallet

If you are using keosd (fio-wallet) to store your user’s private keys, refer to Enabling fio-wallet to ensure proper functioning when storing a large number of keys.

Step 2. Upgrade your API node

If you are a wallet or exchange running your own FIO API node you will need to follow the FIO Node Upgrade process to install FIO chain version 3.0.

Step 3. Additional validation for version 3.0

Release v3.0 changes how FIO Request and OBT record data is stored. Information on FIO Requests and OBT Data is returned by the get_sent_fio_requests, get_pending_fio_requests, and get_obt_data API endpoints. If your FIO integration uses these API endpoints, it is recommended that you manually test them after upgrading to version 3.0.

Step 4. Notify your FIO account manager

To help FIO track the upgrade, please send an email to [email protected] or post a message to your shared Discord/Telegram FIO channel.